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this year. shannon. >> do we know why this particular year is spreading so quickly? >> there are a couple of reasons. it's a tick virulent strain of a. and also because it hit early, before the holidays, doctors say people had plenty of time to spread it on airplanes and trains and among their families. and to give you a sense how quickly the flu is spreading nationwide, the cdc, center for disease control, said at the beginning of december 2.8% of patients going to the doctor had i. l. i., in. and about 2.2% of patients were going to the doctor for influenza type illnesses although last season was a mild flu season. >> thank you, molly. turning now to washington as we
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learn more about president obama's choice for the next defense secretary. fox news learned he could nominate senator chuck hagle for the post as early as monday. and of james rosen has more. >> good evening. white house sources cautioned no decision has yet been made on the top pentagon spot but cue democratic sources told us that chuck hagle, the two-term senator from nebraska is likely to be nominated earlier next week. he opposed the surge in iraq and toured the mideast with candidate obama in 2008. he's assured rough sledding in confirmation hearings. marco rubio said he may block the nomination unless hagle withdraws his opposition to the embargo against cuba. and his baching at the designation of hezbollah has a
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terrorist group. then there are the remarks he made to mideast diplomats. the jewish lobby in tim dates a lot of people up here on capitol hill, he told miller in a 2006 interview, adding i'm not an isreali senator, i'm a united states senator. >> and finally some other groups are unimpressed with the policy he offered last month for comments he made in 1998 about the first openly gay ambassador, hormel, who he called aggressively gay. he said his purple hearts qualifies him for the job of defense secretary and the white house has lined up high profile backers to defend his record on israel. >> he has been over the course of the long career in public service a supporter of the state of us israel and it's requirements. >> president obama told nbc news last week he sees nothing to disqualify hagle. shannon. >> a powerful earthquake off the
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coast of alaska. it was just west of craig, alaska sparking the tsunami warning for hundreds of miles of coastline. but it was cancelled after the warning center said the waves generated were too small to be a threat. still the quake caused about 15 minutes ever panic, sending people to highest ground. some say it's the strongest earthquake they have felt in a decade. and it could take until the spring to remove a grounded oil rigging ship near an alaskan island. the fury of the winter is going to make removing the rig very difficult. shell barge ran aground monday during a fierce storm. more than 600 working on its recovery. dominique is following the story from los angeles. dominic. >> shell is saying tonight it doesn't plan on removing any of the fuel before it's towed away, saying that is too risky and this is a very dangerous operation. what they are doing today is
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hooking a main towline to the rig. and this depends on weather condition offer southern alaska, which so far have been plaguing recovery efforts. a coast guard, the unified guard, they are calling it, have oil crisis managers and they say it remains upright and stable with no signs of fuel leakage. that is a major concern because of the 150,000 gallons on board, shannon. as a precaution the team is installing around the rig a boom. it's a piece of equipment that collects oil from the water. >> they want to make sure that there are no spills. right now we are pretty confident there are none, but,,, weather is in charge here. >> a unified command is also drawing in a fleet of 14 support ships, as well as dropping crews on to the platform. their job is delivering new power generators after it was damaged in the storm but this is really dangerous work.
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>> with so many people involved in the response operation, we have air assets, we have float assets and people staging in different areas. it's maintaining that safety. we've been going on this -- this operation has been going on for days, a you are well aware, in very challenging conditions. >> and it has the potential to turn into a major p. r. disaster. shell, who is drilling in the arctic, has suffered just one mishap after another in the area. they are very clear, very nervous it could end up with an oil disaster, shannon. >> dominique, what are they doing to prevent another bp-like disaster. >> that's a good point. they said they have a wildlife protection plan in place in case there is a spill and they are keeping a close eye on the salmon streams in the area. they have a bird and protected species specialist on hand. i believe a team specialist, fuelly. shell has received its fair share of news. and the grounding really confirms, they say that it is time to stop drilling in the
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arctic. shannon. >> all right, dominic. thank you. right now crews searching by water and by air to find a plane that disappeared from radar after leaving an island paradise. one of the passengers on board is a member of a family-run fashion empire. the latest on that developing story. also a new bombshell report said disgrace cyclist lance armstrong is exploring whether to admit he used performance enhancing drug. he is not saying anything publicly about that claim but now his lawyer is. plus we go live to aurora, colorado where a gunman has once again targeted multiple victims. the same town where a movie massacre occurred months ago.
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>> four people are dead after an hour-long police standoff in aurora, colorado. that name may sound familiar. six months ago aurora was the scene of a gunman's rampage as a movie theater that left a dozen people dead and this was the scene today. a s.w.a.t. team arriving at a home after gunshots were heard inside that home after 3:00 in the morning local time. police said when they first got there a woman who escaped told them a woman was inside, armed and shooting. she told officers she thought three people were already dead saying they appeared life less. hostage negotiators were called in. they reached the suspect by phone. talks went on for hours but he wouldn't give up. police taking no chances, ordering people in the surrounding area to get out. one neighbor describing the ordeal. >> a lockdown, stairways, and
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finally when we heard two big shots and then exactly 22 minutes, and they didn't talk and nothing was quiet. we are pretty sure that they got him. then the call came that it's over. >> police say negotiating did not work. they ended up breaking a window and the suspect started shooting. no officers were hit. about an hour later shots started raining down on officers from a second story window. again, they were not hurt but this time they fired back, hitting the suspect. and then they went in where they found three people killed. a woman and two men. the suspect also pronounced dead and now a whole lot of questions. mark meredith is live in aurora. mark, police say they are now looking into allegations the gunman may have been high on meth before the shootings. what do you know? >> shannon, that's one thing that investigators tell us they are trying to find out. some neighbors that were out here earlier this morning that were near the apartment where
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the shootout happened say that's what police were telling them. i spoke to an investigator just about two hours ago. he says they have ordered toxicology reports to find out whether or not that may have contributed. it could have been alcohol, drugs or some other substance that may have led to this man's behavior before he shot up the apartment. but toxicology reports and autopsy are ordered and they will be our best chance of finding out the moments that were leading up before the shooting. >> mark, i know there's a lot of investigating still to be done. but is there any clear answer right now about whether the gunman took his own life or whether he was shot by police? >> we know investigators were being very careful as they were waiting to go into this apartment. they were talking to him, as you mentioned. they described his behavior as erratic. they were talking to him for several hours earlier this morning, trying to get an idea of what his next step would be. investigators have already placed three of their officers on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation to find out whether or not this was an officer-involved shooting. basically whether or not the officer may have killed the suspect or he took his own life. i should mention it's standard
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procedure. it happens in every officer-involved shooting but police want to be careful they know exactly if he took his own life or it was the shot of officers that shot him. >> do we know if the suspect has any criminal background or history? >> we do. we did a background check about an hour ago and he has been arrested at least three times for multiple weapons charges. i also asked investigators what kind of guns were being used in the apartment or what they found. they say because the investigation is i don't ongoiny would not comment. but this town is no stranger to tragedy and we've been talking to people out here all day. they are in shock and they are trying to grief right now. family members all across the united states are making their way to colorado to deal with the tragedy. we are expecting an autopsy on three other victims to be released on monday. >> mark meredith is live in aurora. thank you, mark. researchers searching now for italian fashion house executive and his plane that
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disappeared. 58-year-old man was on the small plane that disappeared off a venezuelan coast yesterday. six people were on board, he and his wife, two friends and two crewmembers. they were traveling to caracus from an island they had all been vacationing. lance armstrong is denying a report he is considering admitting to the use of performance-enhancing drugs. the report sites anonymous sources saying he is considering a confession to help restore his athletic career. the 41-year-old gained worldwide fame with seven tour de france titles from 1995 to 2005, wins that were eventually stripped away after the international anti-doping agency accused him of using performance enhancing drug. it cost him multiple endorsements and is impacting his cancer fighting foundation, live strong. and hostess, the company filed for bankruptcy last november and shut down all operations. now, according to the wall street journal, which is owned
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by our parent company, the makers of thomas english muffins and tasty cake snacks are emerging as two bidders for the brand that could go up for auction sometime this month. they are winding down operations. the famous brands will likely live on but it will mean likely the loss of some 18,000 jobs. he was one of two prisoners who used bedsheets to brick out of his cell from 20 stories up. now we are learning fresh details about how he stayed on the run for so long and a much-needed tip that finally led police straight to him. plus this guy is still on the loose but the only thing this bank robber has earned is a catchy nickname, one that industries him to a tee. how he got away with the cash but now the fbi is searching for him and a big reward out there for his capture. ♪
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>> new details on a bank robbery that was fit for hollywood. he was in a courtroom on federal escape charges. kevin connelly was there today facing an additional five years behind bars if he is indeed convicted in the escape.
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police finally nabbing him after he managed to escape from a high-rise lockup by bust ago hole in the wall and he used bedsheets to scale some 20 stories down to the ground. a fox affiliate has more on how it all went down. >> he said please let me in. >> dan had no idea he was face-to-face with fugitive kevin connelly when he was forced to protect his family from harm's way. >> i told my kids get in the far kitchen corner. he didn't have much leverage or whatever. grabbed my arm on the outside and threw my shoulder into his face. >> he lives at phoenix condominiums and there's no telling how long connelly called this storage unit in one of the developments home. he's been on the run last month after escaping from a high rise federal jail in the south loop. >> apparently he was staying downstairs in the old storage. we don't know how he got in.
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>> detectives say a case-breaking tip from a maintenance worker who believed someone was sleeping in the property's basement helped police catch connelly. the call came in friday afternoon and moments later police swarmed the scene. >> they didn't find anybody down there but the lieutenant was standing outside the building. while he's standing outside the building an individual walked by him that drew his attention. >> when detectives arrived police almost missed nabbing the escapee because he was deskiesed as an elderly man. >> he was walking with a cane, had glasses on, trying to create the illusion of age. >> even seasoned detectives ever surprised connelly was in the area and brian finley, who watched the aftermath, is concerned. >> disturbing considering i was just downstairs about five minutes before everything happened. >> that was wfld reporter turba lewis reporting. he remains in federal custody until a preliminary hearing later this month. he wasn't the only one who busted out of jail.
4:20 pm
just as banks made the break too, he was caught two days after escaping. the fbi is on the hunt for a man who is robbing banks using fake bombs. here he is captured on surveillance video before robbing a chase bank outside phoenix earlier this month. they are call him the dy-no-mite bandit because the explosives are fake but they appear to be very real. >> they look very realistic. there are no explosive parts in it but when you look at it, even the bomb techs, the professionals and looked at it, they believed it was an actual explosive device. >> police say he's hit three banks since last july, each time planting the fake bomb and asking the bank for the money. there is a reward lead to go his arrest. the owner of a family restaurant in missouri is using social media to track down the suspect who robbed her. you see a man in the surveillance video walking out the back door of this restaurant in missouri outside st. louis. that's a sandwich cooler he's
4:21 pm
dragging. the owner filed police reports but thought she could do more so she took to facebook posting her story and photos of the suspect hoping someone would recognize him. by late last night that man was in custody. a professional metal scrapper confessed to the crime and we are told the cooler and dedestroyed. she believes facebook and word of mouth helped catch a crook. a deadly accident on the slopes claiming the lives of six people. how a day of fun ended in tragedy. plus. [sirens] >> riots intensifying in the streets of northern ireland. it has to do with the decision to whether or not to fly a flag. we will explain. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth. i have the flu... i took theraflu, but i still have this cough.
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>> a federal judge ruling a company is liable for those polluting over the border. dan springer explains. >> a court ruling over industrial pollution that came from this canadian shelter into the united states is threatening to expose american companies to canadian justice >> the whole idea of applying u.s. law across the border to a
4:25 pm
canadian company would be precedent setting and it would also lead us to think about doing the same to american companies. >> tech resources, which operates one of the largest zinc and lead smelters in the world in british columbia, just a few miles north of the u.s. border, has been found liable under the u.s. super fund law. the company admits to discharging toxic chemicals into the columbia river over several decades. metals that flow across the border into washington state. the indian tribe is the plaintiff. >> it affects our agriculture and salmon and the water we drink but it also affects the air we breathe. >> studies conflict. one by the harvard medical school found more cases of illness in a nearby town but the washington state health department concluded just the opposite. tech has done some cleanup, but argued unsuccessfully that it should not be subject to u.s. law and it's courts. >> two countries, if they have an issue, they deal with each
4:26 pm
other at a country-to-country, government-to-government basis. what this does is completely get around that. >> environmental groups in canada are celebrating, figuring since tech is being held liable for cleanup and fines, they are free to go after u.s. polluters. among the first targets, 150 coal plants in the upper midwest. but businesses in every border state could eventually pay a price. >> i think it will have some kind of a chilling effect on cross-border business. people are going after, looking at whether they need to be permitted in both countries. >> there are treaties that deal with cross border pollution but nonthat would force a country to pay. others fear it will only kill jobs and do little for the environment. in seattle, dan springer, fox news. i'm shanea and this is the
4:27 pm
fox report. the fiscal cliff is now history but another brewing battle in the nation's capitol looms on the horizon. this time raising the country's $16.4 trillion spending limb. we hit that number earlier this week and the treasury department says if no deal can be reached to raise the limit in the next two months our nation will know longer be able to pay its bills. the battle lines appear already drawn. republicans say reducing spending is the only way to cut into the nation's bloated deficit. president obama in the meantime says he will not compromise over his calls to congress to raise the debt ceiling without negotiations. senior affairs, white house correspondent starts with this. the president has warned congress several times not to tie the debt ceiling talks to spending cuts. is he persuading any republicans? >> doesn't look like it, shannon, because they are shaping up for another fight in a matter of weeks. technically the government ran out of money the end of the year.
4:28 pm
secretary treasure geithner said he can buy us a couple months with creative accounting moves. the president said even though he signed the legislation, its up to congress to find a way to pay for the bills it incurred. >> congress refuses to give the runs the ability to pay its bills on time, the consequences for the entire global economy could be catastrophic. the last time congress threatened this course of our entire economy suffered for it. our families and our businesses cannot afford that dangerous game again. >> the president said he signed a bill last year that cut $1.7 trillion from the deficit. republicans say much of that was really paper cuts, amounting from reducing -- or winding down the war in afghanistan and ending the war in iraq. shannon. >> all right. wendell, what do the republicans have to say? >> well, republicans say the tax hikes that congress just passed on the top 2% of the country pretty much settles the revenue part of the equation.
4:29 pm
now it's time to deal with spending cuts. the congressional budget office said the fiscal cliff deal still leaves about $900 billion a year in budget deficits and republicans say without significant spending cuts there will be no global confidence that this country will ever get their debt problem under control. >> when you have no more money in your ability and your credit cards are maxed out, then the spending must stop. that's the current financial reality facing america as we turn our attention to future discussions on the debt limit and the budget. we must identify responsible ways it tackle washington's wasteful spending. >> both the parties agree on the need to close loopholes in the tax system, tax reform that could create more revenue, but republicans want to use that additional revenue to lower the deficit and the president wants to use at least part of it for investments, he said, that are necessary to keep the economy growing. shannon. >> all right. live with the president in hawaii. thank you. >> fox news has learned new
4:30 pm
exclusive details about our military's role going forward in afghanistan. as president obama obama weighs several ons for our exit from that country, it now seem at least some troops may stay behind. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has details. >> fox news has learned the white house is not considering any option that would leave more than 10,000 american troops in afghanistan beyond 2014. according to at senior administration official. despite reports the white house was considering plans to leave a much larger footprint after the deadline for handing over security to the afghans. earlier this week general john allen, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, provided three options to the pentagon for a post 2014 force. none of them, quote, went north of 10,000 troops according to the administration official. >> the 10,000 limit really suggests the administration is trying to hold down the numbers. right now the midwest likely final figure will be about 6,000. it gives us a special operating direct axle meant, probably the
4:31 pm
use of drones for drone strikes. maybe two bases in eastern afghanistan and a small headquarters element in kabul. >> the final decision on troop levels rests with the president. general allen remains the subject of an investigation into whether he exchanged inappropriate e-mails with tampa bay social light jill kelly. >> i don't think this will impact his ability to give the white house and to give the pentagon and the charm of the joint staffs exactly what he thinks needs to be the set of numbers to be considered. >> others think allen may not be getting all he wanted. >> general allen was looking for a higher number, somewhere starting at ten and going up because he not only wanted to do the special forces mission, but he also wanted to do a more robust train-and-assist mission because he felt the afghan army and police really had a long ways to go. >> pentagon officials cite a growing confidence in the afghan security forces as a factor in planning for a smaller u.s.
4:32 pm
presence. though the most recent afghan progress report prepared by the pentagon for congress suggested otherwise. only one out of 23 afghan military battalions had the ability to fly its own air support. the rest still relied completely on the u.s. and nato. >> insider attacks against u.s. troops by afghan security forces, 47 last year alone, is another factor. president karzai and obama will meet at the white house to discuss troop levels and the wish list of military equipment karzai is bringing to washington next week. at the pentagon, jennifer griffin, fox news. >> riots getting out of control in northern ireland. protesters hurling bricks at people in belfast. the cops firing back with water cannons to fend them off. the violent protests in their third day.
4:33 pm
it started after a decision last month by the city council there to stop flying the british flag year around. such issues of symbolism frequently cause problems in northern ireland. catholics want to unite with the republic of ireland. six tour efforts killed in a snowmobile accident. it's our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> italy. the accident happening at night on an unlit ski slope in the northeast. officials say the snowmobile was pulling a sled pulling russian tour efforts when it slammed into a fence and it happened over into a ditch. investigators say speed is to blame but they are also looking into whether there was a mechanical malfunction. australia. wildfires forcing thousands of people out of their homes. the flames burning in the southern island state of tazmania. dozens of buildings already destroyed. the temperature in one area reaching a record high
4:34 pm
108 degrees fahrenheit spain. a public transit in second day in madrid. bus drivers and subway workers walking off the job to protest salary cuts. they were 30% the last year. sub ways still running but not at full capacity. japan, a big tuna selling for a really big price. the 489-pound fish auctioned off in tokyo for a record $1.76 million. that's $3,600 a pound. a sushi chain owner bought the blue finish. japanese eat 80% of the tuna caught worldwide. that's a wraparound the world in 80 seconds. >> thousands of people braving icy waters in belgium to welcome the new year. 6,000 people plunge into the sea for the new year's dive.
4:35 pm
last year it was cancelled because of unsafe weather conditions. but this year it was seemingly ideal weather for those daring enough. >> well, we are divers so we actually are used to this. but now it's very cold. >> i'll say. after that the swimmers were treated to hot soup and candy. fighting is nothing new but allegedly murdering someone because you can't agree what to watch on tv is another story. and scotch with an enormous price taking. how about a drink? apparently this guy is buying. humans.
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even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what else comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy?
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>> there is growing controversy of a sexual assault of a teenage girl by high school football players in ohio. hundreds stood outside the school demanding a fair investigation. this as police launched their own website dedicated to the case to try to sort out facts from fiction. they sexually assault add girl who was unconscious at a party. there are many activists who say they should be tried at adults. the case gained national attention after a video on the internet that showed another teen joking about the incident. a new york man is accused of murdering his grandmother after fighting over what to watch on tv. police arrested this man, clarence new come, after responding to a 911 call from his home and finding his 82-year-old grandmother, kathleen newcum dead. police believe she was killed over an argument over the remote.
4:39 pm
he was arraigned earlier today and is undergoing psychological evaluation. police bust a man for allegedly robbing his own grandfather. our first stop on the fox trip across america. california. police surround as 28-year-old suspect who barricaded himself inside a north hills motel room. s.w.a.t. teams managed to end the standoff after three hours. firing teargas into the room and arresting the suspect as he ran out. police say he has a history of drug abuse and robbed his own grandfather three times in the past month. georgia. a roadside rescue in atlanta caught on camera. an accident during the early morning rush hour left a car upside down on the highway. the driver still inside, trapped as good samaritans rushed to her rescue. >> they grabbed the vehicle, maybe at this point, 15 or so people, and they lifted it up. one person dives down on the far side of the car and goes under
4:40 pm
and another one goes in, underneath the car, and undoes the seatbelt, all this kind of stuff, and pulls the driver out. >> they managed to keep the woman still until paramedics arrived. no word on the driver's condition. vermont, an ethics woman's home is a pigsty and she likes it that way. a miniature big breeder lives with 47 pigs, big and small. >> they use litter boxes like a cat and they can be trained to go outside like a puppy. >> but her neighbors are complaining and now the town says the bigs have to go. >> i cannot imagine anybody putting pigs in a house. >> now the woman is giving the bigs away to loving homes but says she will buy land somewhere else to start breeding pet pigs again. oregon. a man who really loves his scotch, so much so that he just dropped 27,000 bucks for a rare 50-year-old bottle of
4:41 pm
glenfiddich scotch whiskey. what is he going to do with the expensive spirits? >> for a while we will look at it and admire it and good for show and tell. but then there comes a time when, you know, the seal is going to have to be broken and it's going to have to be opened because i just have to know what it tastes like. >> cheers. and that's a fox watch across america. >> thousands of people gathered on new york's long island today in a ceremony saying good-bye to a local landmark hit hard by super storm sandy. the city of long beach began the process of tearing down it's boardwalk. an attraction that stood for nearly 100 years and provided generations worth of memories. >> very, very sad day. you know, as a child we played underneath it, as a teenager you gathered with your friends and as an adult you went here for peace. >> we know that today is the beginning of the real big comeback. and today is the day that we say good-bye to an old friend and we get ready to rebuild stronger, smarter and safer.
4:42 pm
>> as you know long beach wasn't the only area hit hard by souper storm sandy. the damage stretching from new jersey to new york to connecticut. the storm claiming lives, wiping out homes and ruining count less personal and treasured possessions, including family photographs. but now one group helping some of the victims restore precious memories. anna joins us to explain. anna, it sounds like this group is trying to help replace something that you think would be irreplaceable. >> each week care or res store rags efforts sets up a point in the tri-state area for super storm family victims to bring their damaged pictures. one couple road out the storm in their house in oceanside, new york. their basement completely flooded, destroying everything. >> the moment i went down and i saw this tub and i just saw this white album. i just closed my eyes and said please, don't make it the wedding album. >> and it was. >> and i picked it up and the water was just gushing out of it. like i said, my heart sunk.
4:43 pm
>> i couldn't get myself to go downstairs to see the damage that was down there. it was just too much for me to look at. i just couldn't make it down the stairs and he was bringing things up and i'm going, please, don't bring anything more up. i don't want to see it. i just want to try to think about it the way it was before. >> can't hardly imagine. but check it out. the wedding pictures taken 45 years ago, one of their most prized possession, and with care's help they can now pass them down for generations to come. >> we can replace our homes and cars and clothing and jobs but one of the few things we cannot replace are these photographs. >> care founder says it all goes back to the old saying a picture is worth a thousand words. >> all right. care is new, as i understand it. but already becoming an international organization? >> it's unbelievable. it was founded just in the wake of super storm sandy and has already recruited volunteers from as far away from israel and
4:44 pm
the ukraine. they are using new technology to remove mud and stains and scratches and water marks to really restore the photographs, even reconstructing missing parts. >> you see all these people's stories on the news and online. you know, i really want to help. usually you just give money and that's all you can do. but here is something i actually felt like my skill set allowed to help more than just, you know, the bare minimum. >> each image takes up to 17 hours to restore. shannon, it's a painstaking process, but they say it's well worth it. care hopes to salvage thousands of memories for the super sandy victims. >> what's the toughest part of trying to restore these? >> they say the faces are the hardest part because if there's a smudge or watermark on the background they can take a different piece of the background and overlay it on top of it but if its somebody's eyes or nose, what are you going to do? you have to reference other pictures. >> it's such a great story. thanks for bringing it to us and
4:45 pm
thanks to care for the work they are doing. >> all right. and the photos not being saved by volunteers, animals also being saved because some of them were left in peril after the storm. as you know, backlogs of pets in shelters with nowhere to call home. people on the west coast jumping in to help the east coast. being transport to the san diego for help. >> maybe we can help revent that by taking as many as we possibly can. >> the minute we got on the tarmac and saw the animals coming off, i'm going to start thinking about it. it was amazing. >> i'm going to cry too just reading the story. dozens of dogs and cats being brought into homes. they didn't waste time finding a home for one lucky story. >> since you can't hear it, jessica adopted lassie.
4:46 pm
the two were going to fly back to virginia for free. a flight attendant gave her a voucher ticket as a gift. and the starting salaries pretty good, where the jobs are and what you need to do next. and the actor who is threatening to depart his homeland over higher tax proposals on the rich today arrived in another country. that country and the big name welcoming him next. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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>> gerard is getting the royal treatment in russia. he arrived there today and is expected to meet privately with president vladimir putin where he may get his new passport. they have approved his application for citizenship. he caused a scandal in france, threatening to leave the country where he was born because of a proposed 75% income tax on the rich. russia has a flat rate of 13%. another french celebrity may follow. her protest is not about taxes, it's over elephants. bardeux has been begging them to put a stop to the euthanization
4:50 pm
of two sick elephants where they are suffering. she refew toss live in a place that is a graveyard for animals. if you are looking for a job, there is one field where your chan the of finding employment are pretty good, farming. a lot of students are getting on board. we have more. >> with the number of america's farms shrinking and the average farmer approaching 6 to years -- 60 years of age, colleges are working to recruit the next generation of ranchers and growers. >> it touches every person on the planet so i think everyone is realizing that. >> more than 146,000 u.s. college students are pursuing a degree in agriculture. a 21% increase in enrollment since 2006. many schools offer a broad curriculum and the prospect after steady career. >> there are a lot of jobs in agriculture. there are jobs begging in
4:51 pm
agriculture right now and in a lot of fields that's not true. >> according to one report, food and ag sectors of the economy are on pace to produce more than 50,000 jobs a year with those in degrees in food, and environmental energies. >> as more students are finding out, it isn't just about plows and cows. today it focuses on healthy eating, locally grown foods and specialty crops that will help address the long-term challenge of feeding the world. >> schools with working farms like uc davis offers class necessary ranch management, animal science, farm law and more. 21-year-old adrian bradley means an ag degree means good pay even for entry level jobs. >> my best friend just started at $48,000 a year in agriculture in agribusiness. >> experts predict by 2050 the world's population will exceed 9 billion people. a sobering projection that calls for boosting global food production by 70%. agriculture leaders say today's
4:52 pm
current crop of ag students are driven by that challenge. in davis, california, claudia cowen, fox news. >> thousands of faithful christians filling the streets of ma tried, celebrating the traditional end to the christmas season. beautifully decorated floats, clowns and marching bands took to the parades. it is held to celebrate the story of the three wise men who are believed to have followed a star to arrive at the manger in legitimate -- bethlehem where jesus was born. why is this man strapped to his chair at 35,000 feet with duct tape? details next. i'm done!
4:53 pm
"are you a cool mom?" i'm gonna find out. [ female announcer ] swiffer wetjet's pads are better than ever. now they have the scrubbing power of mr. clean magic eraser so you don't have to get down on your hands and knees to scrub away tough, dried-on stains. hey, do you guys think i'm "momtacular" or "momtrocious"? ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer. now with the scrubbing power of mr. clean magic eraser.
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>> the oldest american passed away. she broke her fall after about three weeks ago. she had 11 children and is remembered for her kindness. she was 114. one of her daughters said she never said a bad word about anyone. good example for all of us. we all heard about jail birds but it's cats causing commotion at a brazil prison. she was trying to enter the prison. after removing the packaging from the cat, they found a phone, mobile charger, three drill bits and files. it could have helped prisoners escape or communicate with
4:56 pm
criminals outside. the cat who seems to be verien dust industry us is now at a local animal shelter. >> iceland air restraining an unruly passenger on a flight with duct tape and zip ties. the photo of the man is circulating on line by a friend ever one ever the passengers on the flight. reports say the man drank all of his duty free alcohol on the trip and went wild. he was spitting, choking and screaming at other passengers. he was restrained by crewmembers and fellow passengers and when they landed he was rushed to the hospital and treated for alcohol poisoning. so far no charges have been filed against him. recapping the top stories. four people are dead after an hour-long standoff with police in aurora, colorado. the same town a gunman went on a deadly page rampage months ago. the man was found dead along with two men and a women.
4:57 pm
and a search underway for italian fashion executive. he was on a plane that disappeared off of the coast of venezuela. the ceo of the fashion house was with his wife and two friends returning to caracus after a vacation on an island resort venezuela. on the same 1933 construction began on a famous american landmark, san francisco's golden gate bridge. there were huge hurdles, including getting financing during the great depression and sceptics said it would be impossible to pull off. it was completed in your years making it the longest suspension bridge at that time. it got started 80 years ago. that's the news for today. huckabee is next. tonight on huckabee the president and democrats got their way and raised taxes but did they give republic upper hand on the next fiscal fight.
4:58 pm
gearing up for the debt ceiling battle. >> and balanced plan that would cut spending in a responsible way. it always asks the wealthiest americans to pay a little more. and above all, protects our middle class and everyone striving to get into the middle class. >> he promise add fair chance for the milling class, but under the new deal middle class workers will take a bigger percentage hit on their paycheck. charlie gasparino on the impact the fiscal cliff deal will have on every american. plus, he was 11 years old and hungry when he asked her for money on the street. she didn't give him money but something much more valuable that has lasted more than 25 years. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [applause] >> thank you very much. a great audience for this new year. and happy new year to you. welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. well, it is hard for me to come
4:59 pm
up with a proper superlative to express the disgust i got with president obama and the congress. the gamesmanship and stagecraft that they substituted for statesmanship by rushing through a last-minute piece of legislation is going to cause about 80% of americans to pay more taxes. and it does absolutely nothing to deal with the real problem of run away spending. of course, since incumbents were sent back at a 94% rate in the past election, voters have to accept their responsibility in this disaster of a government. for those who actually believed president obama's promise that if your income was under $250,000, you wouldn't pay one more dime in taxes. then you probably feel sucker punched because you are going to pay an average of about $1,600 more because of the payroll tax increase. now since the person that you probably work for is going to pay that, plus an

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